The Right Answer, Every time

While there is a lot of free information online, most of it is outdated, incorrect or contradictory. All too often I see new growers pour extensive time and money into a new garden only to make uninformed decisions that result in a sub-par harvest. Reading grow books and forums is a great starting point, but they do not help answer YOUR questions. Stop wasting your time researching and start growing! You don’t want to invest all the time, money, and effort into a project only to realize you actually have no idea what you’re doing – by using Alex's services, you’ll save time and money producing the highest quality cannabis possible.


Master your First Cycle

Simply put, there is no substitute for having a personal cannabis grow mentor. The unfortunate fact is that without a cannabis expert at your disposal, your first cycle will likely be considered a “throwaway” in terms of quality – the learning curve is merely too steep to harvest a top-shelf batch of flowers on your first cycle. If you’re like me, you’ll have a million questions when first starting out. What you really want is a personal cannabis grow consultant – someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and someone who genuinely cares about the well-being of your plants.

No More Costly Mistakes

As the saying goes, there are multiple ways to skin a cat – chances are you have found (or will find) yourself at a crossroads with how to proceed, thinking to yourself “should I do X or Y?” There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to diagnose a given issue along the way. This is exactly where the role of a cannabis growing professional is so valuable – remember, the decision you make will impact the remainder of the 3+ month long grow cycle.

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Save Time And Money

Diagnostic advice from a pro is the best way to reduce your learning curve and increase crop quality & yield. Most of my clients are beginners and first time growers looking to ensure their first cycle or two is a success. However, I also advise more advanced growers who are looking to switch to organic living soil or optimize their current organic setups – including tips and tricks for more experienced growers.