Alex’s knowledge about all things cannabis is outstanding. He is truly an expert and his passion shines through when working with clients. When I started growing I didn’t know where to begin, but he took me from clone to harvest and I ended up with a terrific product. He’s always willing to help and his services would be useful for any level of grower.
Having a grow coach like Alex was an invaluable resource during my first grow. His guidance saved me countless hours of searching for information and tips online. I was able to grow with very little uncertainty and with huge rewards.
I wasted so much time and money using hydro nutrients during my first cycles – what a mistake! Switching to Alex’s method made growing more efficient and so much more affordable!
Alex has been fantastic! Not only when it comes to my cannabis growing but also the development of my overall cannabis knowledge in general. Every grow is different and trying to sift through the enormous breadth of information online is a daunting task. Alex’s research ability and first-hand knowledge allows him to act as the perfect filter. He caters to your wants and needs, making your specific grow feel totally custom. I could not be happier with the help he has given me.
I’m 51 and have begun experiencing extreme joint pain. I considered trying cannabis but the dispensary is overwhelming and my MD had NO interest in helping me heal naturally. I reached out to Alex and was blown away by the level of service he provided. He designed me a custom cannabis regimen and it’s a new world! The best part? I am pain-free without being ‘high’ on pot.