The Grow Pro Method provides you with all the tools and techniques to grow with confidence. There is no need to over-complicate the process by worrying about things like which nutrients to buy and what Ph level to use. By using my SIMPLE cultivation methods and services, you'll save time & money, all while producing high quality cannabis that is safe to consume. Remember, growing cannabis should be fun and easy not the source of your frustration!

Grow the Best

Save Time & Money

  • Produce the highest quality cannabis possible
  • Most potent (increased cannabinoid content
  • Most pungent (high terpene content)
  • Plants express full genetic potential
  • Plants contain high amounts of essential oils
  • Plants have natural pest and mold resistance
  • Smooth smoke (no throat irritation)
  • Stronger and more flavorful concentrates, extracts & edibles
  • Beautiful plants and flowers
  • Can be applied indoors or outdoors
  • Work with nature instead of against it
  • Reduce learning curve
  • Spend less time researching
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Guarantee larger yields
  • Re-use your soil each cycle (sustainable)
  • Use least required inputs
  • No bottled or synthetic nutrients
  • Water only!
  • Minimal labor & maintenance
  • No Ph meter needed
  • Applicable to small or large scale


Many people don’t realize the importance of knowing where your cannabis comes from. The sad reality is that most commercially available cannabis has been grown with synthetic nutrients and/or sprayed with toxic pesticides. This means that a large portion of legal cannabis, in both recreational and medicinal dispensaries, is unsafe to smoke – literally. Nearly every legal state has issued recalls due to the use of unapproved pesticides, nutrients containing heavy metals, and mold-ridden flowers.

The good news is that you can avoid these tainted products altogether by growing at home! All Grow Pro cultivation techniques are natural, organic and sustainable. All inputs used in this style of growing come from other plants and trees, or the earth’s crust.